Commercial signs set up exposure for business in ways no other type of advertising or promoting can. It can even become a calling card if it is well designed, produced and mounted. Commercial signs promote the business identity and image of its advertiser. The scope of it also becomes larger because it helps to promote the product or brand on a global scale along with its target customers. Building and forging commercial signs that are custom and upscale in design and presentation is a guaranteed way to get noticed. Different types of sign materials are available including plastic, wood, metal, and vinyl. With all the information at the customer’s disposal, finding the perfect commercial signage that represents the business effectively is a simple task. The selected commercial sign will be able to promote the advertiser’s business in no time.


  • Acrylic Commercial Signs are of great use because of their adaptability. They are extremely strong and durable as well as lightweight. An acrylic commercial sign is available in different thicknesses, shapes, and colors which represents the advertiser’s business with expertise and style. An acrylic commercial business sign mounted with standoffs has the perfect combination to give the commercial sign an added magnitude. Different signage companies provide a variety of finishes, styles, and lengths to emphasisel an acrylic sign perfectly.
  • Alumalite Commercial Signs have become one of the most popular choices when it comes to commercial business signs. The reason being alumalite is built to be lightweight but extremely strong and rigid. When it comes to exterior commercial signs there is no substitute for alumalite commercial signs. It is ideal when the signs require a large sign panel to represent the advertising company. Traditional sign materials are heavy and dangerous to mount. With alumalite those issues can easily be taken care of. Alumalite is constructed with superior efficiency in mind. It’s the reason why it can be easily and safely mounted for years to come. To make them catchier they have edge capped applied to the edges of the sign. This edge cap gives the sign a “framed” appearance and protects the edges. It also extends the life of the commercial sign while adding a polished finished look to it.
  • Aluminum Commercial Signs have always been the choice when it comes to commercial signs. Aluminum’s can be completely customized; it’s one of the reasons for its higher preference. Its smooth, professional finish is waterproof and chemically resistant. Another reason as to why it is chosen for exterior and interior commercial signs. The options with aluminum commercial signage are limitless. Commercial business signs in any shape or style can be created. Designing a custom shaped sign helps its advertiser to stand out from the competition.
  • ARMOUR-Wood Commercial Signs are produced from the strongest sign material. ARMOUR-Wood is forged of a solid wood core, inserted between two sheets of factory sealed aluminum. Its solid, rigid, strong construction makes it perfect for regularly shaped signs (square and rectangle). ARMOUR-Wood signs come standard with edge capping. This capping provides extra protection to an already superior sign material.
  • Dibond Commercial Signs are great for when the consumer requires commercial signs for a strong, rigid sign panel that is also lightweight. Dibond’s plastic core is sealed between two sheets of factory finished aluminum making it the fourth strongest sign material. Dibond commercial signage is commonly seen and designed in custom shapes. These commercial signs are used inside and outside of businesses. The commercial business sign can be customized according to the advertiser’s need. The most popular customization is the one which is done with scroll brackets. These brackets are great for hanging the commercial signs. They make the signs more beautiful and adds a decorative flair to the advertiser’s business.
  • Dura-Wood Commercial Signs give advertisers the conventional wood sign appearance but it comes with modern day advancements. They are crafted from high-quality MDO plywood and vinyl to produce a far superior commercial business sign than wood signs that were manufactured previously. Dura-Wood’s edges are designed in a way so that they have added protection. The addition of edge cap provides even more safeguard and gives the commercial signage a framed appearance. In short, consumers can have added protection and beauty all in one.
  • HDU Commercial Signs give the signage a dimensional effect. HDU stands for High-Density Urethane; it is a synthetic petroleum-based material. Customizations like raised letters on a smooth or textured background give the appearance of a “carved” sign. Since it was specifically designed to make commercial signs. HDU foam is very flexible, strong and durable material. It comes in different variants. The varying kind of finishes includes smooth, pebble and sandblasted redwood. HDU is the perfect choice for commercial signs because they are pocket-friendly and comes with easy customizations. So, basically, the consumers get sandblasted redwood in a quite affordable price.
  • Sandblasted Redwood Commercial Signs bring a classic, carved wood, rustic style to the consumer’s business appearance. Redwood is extremely strong as well as very beautiful. Usually sandblasted redwood commercial signs are mounted between two posts and are available as one sided and double sided for maximum exposure. Because of the manufacturing procedure, sandblasted redwood signs are all distinct. The consumer can find the right look for their business because these redwood signs are available in different thicknesses. Commercial business signs produced from sandblasted redwood are very catchy and graceful which helps them in drawing attention and are recognized because of this regular signage material.
  • Commercial Decal Signs while not conventional “rigid” signs are still effective signage when it comes to promoting business. Decals are large stickers and can easily be applied to an array of surfaces. Store windows, vehicles, interior walls and even products. Custom decals are their own kind of commercial signage. Commercial decals give advertisers the flexibility to apply their branding to necessary promotional materials and products. Decals can be customized by anyone. They don’t require professionals to adjust their size, shape, and color.
  • Commercial Vinyl Letters are easily the most cost-effective commercial business sign money can buy. Vinyl letters are used by relatively every type of business. Whether they are applied to store windows, company vehicles, walls or product themselves, vinyl letters allows the advertiser to advertise their business and product adequately. Since vinyl letters come in any color, font, and size they can be personalized accordingly.
  • Commercial Magnetic Signs attached to company vehicles transforms the advertiser’s fleet into mobile commercial signage. Take advantage of vehicles they can be used to advertise as they move from market to market. Magnetic signs are a quick and easy way to give a commercial look. The signs applied to vehicles can advertise services, specials, contact information or promote products. There is also a Scratch-Guard protection that can be applied on the vehicles before attaching the sign. So, when the sign is removed it won’t damage the vehicle.